Thursday, May 11, 2006

You will know the anti-satirist by two things...

One is a utter lack of a sense of humor, and the other is the penchant to demand apology by way of censorship. Case in point: Michael Jackson, about whom I've resisted writing because, gee whiz, if everybody on earth isn't sick of hearing about him, I'm worried about everybody.

But I have cause to write this time, because Jacko's peeved about a thing in May's GQ magazine. Now, I subscribe to GQ, even though it hurts my self-esteem to see how different I look compared to the models in their fashion spreads, but I digress. I've read the article, and I loved it - especially considering how the author, Devin Friedman, skewered Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in the process. Chris Buck's staged photos nicely complement the story, but aren't anywhere near as incendiary as, say, Eminem's video mockery was.

Jacko wants the mag pulled from circulation, and despite the fact that it'll never happen, I say show your support of GQ and head over to your local library or go here (while it lasts) to read the article - then write to GQ and tell them not to bend over for the deposed King of Pop!
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