Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Top 10 satire stories of 2008!

The results from the fourth annual HumorFeed competition are in... A panel of five journalists and humor writers has ranked the top ten satire stories of the year. And it was a great bunch of stories. The countdown!...

#10: Nintendo Develops Wii Community Service

#9: Bush Orders Retirement Savings Mattress for Every American

#8: Oil Prices So Low, Arab Nations Consider Educating Youth

#7: Lubbock, TX Replaced by Wal-Mart Supercenter

#6: Study: 99.9% of Americans Suffering from Obscurity

#5: Dyslexic Student Expelled Over Toy Gnu

#4: Man Dies Living Day Like It Was His Last

#3: In Quest for Conservative Credentials, McCain Burns Witch

#2: Atheist Sees Image of Big Bang in Piece of Toast

And the number one story of the year...

#1: Baristas Claim Obama's Coffee Not Black Enough

Get all these stories, and information on the winning writer (who has a book coming out in two weeks), visit the story on HumorFeed.

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