Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You can't drop an A-bomb and not expect some fallout...

Everyone's talking about Stephen Colbert's roasting of the Bush Administration and the White House reporters - although it seems to be limited to a bunch of political and news-navel-gazing sites, sad to say.

For a deeper look in the eyes of Colbert's madness, check out this Salon.com piece - we recommend selecting the free viewing option on this one, and switching over to clear your junk mail while the commercial runs. Or see how the Washington Post so smoothly (and transparently) tried to dismiss Colbert's beautiful diatribe. Can't take a joke, can you, WaPo?

Naturally, Jon Stewart came to Colbert's defense, and had anybody asked us, I'm sure we would have, too. Only because we believe in that First Amendment thingie, and not at all to do with a sudden and unexpected man-crush. Note to John Mayer: We can't go on like this. I've found someone else. Someone who fulfills me the way no one else ever could.
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