Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another edition of satire 'round the world

We begin this week's journey with a trip to tranquil Belfast, Northern Ireland, where a satirical publication sued and lost when their City Council grant was withheld. Why? "Blasphemous" material. So even if I didn't love America and decided to leave it, I'd have to put up with the same nonsense in Northern Ireland as we do here. Nice to know we're on a par with Northern Ireland, I'd say.

Now, we're off to Italy, the country that Subway thinks can be compared to "a boot" for laughs in their commercials. Idiots, but I digress. More Mohammed madness! But this time, the guy got off - former government minister Roberto Calderoni won't be charged with a "crime of opinion" (there's a frickin' scary phrase) over his alleged display of a T-shirt with a Mohammed cartoon. I can't believe those haven't shown up in the US yet!

Following up on a previous post, MTV Germany aired the first episode of Popetown, and got exactly what you'd expect for results - hate from Catholics, love from the most desirable marketing demographic. My favorite part, though, was reading which country has actually aired all the episodes. Score another one for my most-beloved non-American land o' the free!

And aren't you bummed that you missed out on the 23rd Nusic Days Theater Festival, honoring the great Serbian writer, playwright and satirist Branislav Nusic (last item)? *Sigh.* Maybe next year. I'll have to sign up for their newsletter or something.
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