Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hard: Pimp. Harder: Satirical Cartoonist

I'm so torn, because on the one hand, I love getting to read about satirical efforts like Popetown, which was canceled in its native UK before it even aired one episode. Then the makers had the bright idea to take it to Germany on MTV. You know, the land where Pope Ratzinger cut his teeth in the Hitler Youth. You can almost see the next paragraph coming.

So the Catholics in Bavaria got up in arms about the show, and specifically about an ad for it which involves Jesus Christ in a comparatively tame way. I say "comparatively" because the Germans can't have seen South Park before if they're getting riled up over the ad mentioned in the linked article.

I forgot to mention the "on the other hand," which is to say that, for Pete's sake, will you people of the world who take things too seriously just find yourselves a nice quiet soccer stadium, go beat the crap out of each other, and leave the rest of us to laugh in peace? Gosh!
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