Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another edition of satire around the world...

And we thought America: The Book had a radical idea with textbook satire. Turns out the Indians have been doing it for a while now, and in real classrooms! Though the offending textbook compares donkeys favorably to wives and politicians, it wasn't until the politicians complained that the press got into it.

Meanwhile, a bit of sad news, as a nationally recognized satirist has died. Mohammed al-Maghout died of a stroke at age 72. He was the kind of person you don't hear too much about, but should - a Syrian who lampooned authoritarian Arab regimes - without so much as a single mocking of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

Finally, this one makes me feel like I've got it easy. Satirists in Zimbabwe are staging a play which suggests Robert Mugabe should step down. I'm sitting in my home office with no worries about secret police storming my home - for the most part - and these guys are basically risking death to do their play. Witty summaries elude me.
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