Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is "Meet the Spartans" really satire?

That movie, a spoof of "300," is the first movie in Entertainment Weekly's list, "Satire Tracks: 21 Movie Spoofs in Our Twisted Timeline."

Sure, I know that the definition of "spoof" includes "light satirical imitation," so maybe I'm just a hard-case about honest-to-goodness "satire." But I'll go out on a limb and say "Blazing Saddles" is the only one that really belongs on the list...and none of the "Movie" movies do ("Scary Movie," "Not Another Teen Movie," "Epic Movie," "Date Movie" - wow, "Superhero Movie" didn't make the cut!)

How about you? Favorite satirical movie? Share it here! (And don't say "Dr. Strangelove." You've never seen it.)
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Blogger John Curtis said...

This article uses the term "satire" as it is commonly used in everyday language. To most people satire means mocking something in a comical way. However, an important distiction exists between spoof or parody comedy and satire.

Now, satire is usually implemented with humorous intent, but the driving force behind genuine satire is to attack a person, organization, cultural norm, etc. I believe the humor in satire is really derived from the cleverness in its presentation.

Spoofing or parodying fails to present humor in this method. Of course, most primarily "spoof" movies contain satire and many "satire" movies contain parody. These elements work in concert.

I believe I would classify all of the movies on this list as parody, spoof or general comedy in nature rather than specifically satire.

I couple of movies I would consider to be born of satire (which did not make the list) are "Lost in America" and "Planet of the Apes."

Just one crazy guy's thoughts.

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