Thursday, January 05, 2006

Workin' on the Railroad

How do we love thee, satire, let us count the ways. There's books, and songs, and websites, and model railroads, and stand-up comedy and - wait, back up there a minute. Model railroads?!

Aye, 'tis true. John Hanks of Laramie, WY, has turned his model railroad collection into a veritable satire diorama. While creating a large-scale reproduction of post-WWII Milwaukee, John started integrating thoroughly modern elements into the scene, including union protestors, a Homeland Security prison, and a newspaper with the slogan "The News That's Right for America."

"It's a way for me to vent my frustrations and laugh. I have to have humor. That's how I survive," Hanks explains. "It's mostly just for self-expression."

I don't know about you, but I now have a respect for the model railroad field that I'd never expected to have.
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