Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Flag-Burning Amendment

We like to keep an eye on First Amendment issues here at Check Please!, because effective satire relies upon freedom of expression - something our Founders got to as a Constitutional afterthought, but still, they got to it, which has gotta count for something.

That said, we hear the House passed an anti-flag-burning constitutional amendment yet again. Oh joy. And this time, it could pass the Senate as well. Could it get the required state ratifications? Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future. But we can feel the ACLU's collective blood pressure starting to rise.

Do we agree with flag-burning? Uh, we'll stay out of that one. But since it involves freedom of expression, we've got a thought or two about whether this amendment should be passed. Or maybe just a word. How about "No"? And how about, "Who keeps proposing this amendment over and over again?" And, "Who's been writing to their congressperson so relentlessly about this that we have to keep hearing about it?" Okay, enough editorializing. You get the idea.
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