Saturday, August 09, 2008

Web video satirists, beware...

If there's one thing that's driven me crazy as an online satirist, it's the consistent drumbeat of people - outside AND inside the field - who insist you can't make any kind of living at it.

That said, I was unexpectedly surprised and pleased to read the latest issue of Fast Company, which features an article entitled, "Who Will Be the Godfather of Web Comedy?"

Why pleased? Not because of any schadenfreude issues, I assure you. (Okay, maybe a little.) The truth is that, while I don't like hearing the downbeat stuff from people who'd sooner quash your dreams than pursue their own, I can take it from someone who's doing a serious analysis of the business. (Thank you, Carlye Adler.)

And there's a lesson to be learned from College Humor, and the fact that their niching has helped them be profitable, whereas powerhouses like Funny or Die are not. It's Business 101 stuff - which, if you want to make a living in online satire, is probably worth brushing up on. ;)

(No mention of JibJab, or of The Onion's foray into video in that article, though - both subjects about which I'd be curious. Anyone know financials/other relevant numbers there?)
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