Monday, July 24, 2006

Onion Going Corporate?!

Don't know how I missed this last week...oh yeah, I was gone camping, and going through the equivalent of delirium tremens due to being away from the computer for four days.

But I digress. Rachel Sklar, former blogger for FishbowlNY who now calls the Huffington Post home, posted a little rumor about that venerable satire brand The Onion. If it's true, it would make a certain giant media company the undisputed king of satirical content. Which one, you ask? Sorry, you'll have to click for the answer.

And as for Rachel herself, she shows a nifty penchant for spoofery with this clip making fun of the George Bush/Andrea Merkel massage moment. Rachel, where do I send my resume?
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Blogger Gale Force said...

The Onion going corporate?

I thought something had gone wrong with it: is one year old this week. Fortunately it is as edgy, innovative, irreverent and off-the-wall as any satire/fake news site can be, put together by a bunch of graduate-student crazies, showcasing diversity and imagination from high-creatives who have no intention of ever being corporate. Poor Onion.

2:37 PM  

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